Utter the word “organizing” and you’ll find it has a very polarizing effect on the general population in terms of tackling their own spaces.  We’d venture to guess that the overwhelming majority would admit to being exhausted before they even began, and that a very small handful of personalities would feel the opposite - even experiencing bright eyes, clasped hands, and an urgency to begin.  

As designers, we love and respect a well-organized space, though that doesn’t necessarily imply we like the act of organizing! Thus we have some organizational “boosters” that we’d love to share with you that will streamline and refresh your spaces - just in time for spring!  Incorporating these types of products are our version of spring cleaning, and we hope you feel inspired!



Easy to find, easy to incorporate, trays are perfect for so many surfaces!  They come in so many sizes and price points, we love them for adding texture and structure!  Each room in your home can easily benefit from a tray and the possibilities of what to include in them are never-ending. Here are some projects that show how we use them in various spaces.



As you can see from these images, everything looks better clustered together on a tray, especially if the objects are of  varying heights.  A little greenery can complement even the most mundane household items, and a candle or set of bone beads makes the grouping look styled with intention.  In a bedroom, a child’s eclectic collection of their cherished items can suddenly seem curated when placed in a tray for display, or fresh fruit on a  kitchen counter can serve as a reminder of a healthy snack!



Displayed by themselves or stacked with a larger or smaller counterpart, decorative boxes hide what we don’t want to see but look good doing it.  Remote controls, masks, keys, chargers and more disappear when the lid closes!  When stacked, these boxes also add height and width when mixing sizes and look great on a table or shelf.  Materials range from brass, woven, cane, glass, there are so many great options - and they work in any room!



Baskets are indispensable for moving and corralling items and are great to have from room to room.  In a laundry room, they can hold clothing to be washed or the detergent packets so you are not stuck with big plastic containers on your counters.  A sturdy woven bag with leather straps makes a great market tote and is perfect for the handful of items needed at the store.  A shallow basket is an eye-pleasing way to store produce on a counter or dried flowers on a dining table.


TIP: When not holding items, these can also be installed as wall art!


Mudrooms love a few things - resilient flooring, hooks for hanging, and bins for storing!  Felt, woven, on casters, with handles.. any and all bins can serve a great purpose to tackle the shoes, sports equipment, mail, water bottles and more that seems to find it’s way into this high-traffic area of the home!  They allow items to “breathe” and can be moved around and even replaced if they get too worn out.  Here are some of our much-liked mudrooms that check the boxes - and bins!